The Great Schism continued…

The interloper (as mazeway guessed) is the caipirinha.  I have to admit that they are pretty darn good, and much quicker and simpler to make than a mojito, but they are just a notch below my beloved mojito to me.  Not to say that I haven’t drunk my fair share though.   I guess I personally don’t find them quite as refreshing.   We’ve experimented with several different variations but the one we keep coming back to is this:  Mrs. F’s Caipirinha:

In a large cocktail shaker add:

One lime cut into 8 to 12 sections (check out the video below on the best way to do this)

 2-4 spoonfuls of granulated white sugar depending on taste.

Muddle the heck out of them

Then add 2oz cachaca (Westridge Liquors on the Golden Mile in the Westridge shopping center has the best selection of cachaca that I’ve found in the area.  About six kinds although I haven’t been able to taste a difference between the three we’ve tried so far)

And 1cup or so of cracked ice.  Shake vigourously and pour into a cocktail glass.

Here is a video I found.  I like the way it shows how to cut the lime, but I prefer to put everything in a shaker and mix it there so it gets nice and chilled and every last granule of sugar is dissolved.  This is a drink that should be shaken and not stirred.


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  1. Good on ya, Mrs. F ! Watching Mad Men means I’m back to my cocktail obsession. Citrus-y drink lovers might want to check out the Aviation, I recommend 209 gin for it.

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