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The Final Word

on Top Chef that is.  Hopefully not Volt.  I certainly called that one wrong.  There was much disappointment and some disbelief last night.  The let down was soothed by the fact that all of the final three were really top-notch chefs.  As one of them said last night: on any given day anyone could beat the other two.  Looking forward to more enjoyable meals at Volt.  Not because he’s a celebrity but because the food is great.

PS saw in the Washington Post today that the brothers are working on a cookbook.


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More Volt

At the risk of turning into the VNN (Voltaggio News Network) a source once removed from this writer confirms that brother Michael is in town for the viewing party.  To me this indicates that Michael didn’t win and there is a high liklihood that Bryan did.  We’ll see.

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Volt Party

Was walking up Market Street yesterday and saw that they were putting up some big tents on Volt’s grounds for what I assume will be a viewing party for the Top Chef finale.  Snapped this crappy picture with my cell phone.   Fred’s mailbox has no invitations to the party!   Even if I could somehow come up with an invite in I would probably have to pass as it would certainly cause some major friction at stately Fred Manor if I was anywhere but on our couch at 10 p.m.  We’ll certainly be cheering for Bryan!  On the other hand I have reservations there tomorrow for lunch with some friends so things could be interesting if he wins!  I’ll keep you posted.

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Current Top Chef Odds

You’ve got to love having Top Chef in Vegas.  Where else are you going to have the bookmakers giving weekly odds on the contestants?  They are updated following the week nine restaurant wars episode and Bryan is still in fourth.  No surprise Kevin still holds the top spot.   I wish I had access to the betting.  It has occurred to me that in light of my promise I could hedge things at 5-1 odds for about $50.  Hmm …

Full odds and story  here.

EDIT:  Nice catch Shannon and thanks!  The actual new post-restaurant wars odds are here.  Now it looks like it will now cost me $55.56 to hedge.   If only I could.  Stupid federal anti-gambling laws.


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Volt Reservations

bryanNo- It’s not that I have  reservations about Volt  it’s getting them.  My parents just tried to make a Friday night reservation at Volt and there was a six week wait!  Fabulous.  I wish Bryan, Hilda and the whole staff all the success in the world- it looks like they are getting some serious Top Chef buzz .  What’s it going to be like if he wins?

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Top Chef- Go Bryan


top-chef-logoAll of us in the Fred household have been following Top Chef religiously.  Actually we have watched the show as a family since season 2.  Since we TIVO it I have been ducking the front page of the Frederick News Post on Thursday mornings and my office is forbidden to discuss it in my presence.  Of course we are rooting for the local boy and there has been much cheering at Bryan’s victories.  In fact a promise was made that if he wins Top Chef the whole family is going to Volt.

Here is an interesting Las Vegas blog that gives the official odds.  Bryan is in 4th place according to the bookmakers after week seven.  Not surprisingly  Michael is in first.  NOTE:  the blog contains spoilers so don’t look at it unless you are current with Top Chef.

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