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Seafood- Where to Buy in Frederick County?

I’m hoping some readers can help Fred out.  We usually buy our seafood from the Common Market and we’ve always been happy with what we have got there.  But like a man with the TV remote I’m always wondering if there is something better on some other channel.

So where do you get your seafood in Frederick County?  It has to somewhere where the person can clearly explain where it comes from, whether its wild or farmed, and of course it has to be fresh.  Is there somewhere better than the Common Market, or just somewhere with a different variety that you like? Let me know.


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Sustainable Seafood

I’ve always been concerned about where the food on our plates comes from.  As readers of this blog will know this is specially true for me with respect to meat, poultry and seafood.   As I was eating my linguine with shrimp (review coming soon) the other day I really started thinking about the shrimp.  After a little research I found a really great resource  here in helping you make smart seafood choices.  Its from the Monterrey Bay Aquarium’s seafood watch site.  Well worth spending a few minutes poking around on.  It goes into great detail on the various species of fish and even differentiates between different methods of catching/farming them within the same species.  They  have region specific pocket guides that are helpful when you are at the store.   If you have a phone with web access their pocket guide for the phone is real handy.  I have it bookmarked on mine.  Enjoy and stay away from the Chilean Sea Bass!


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