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Nilgiris Gone

It has been a little over three years since I first reviewed Nilgiris Indian Sizzler.  Well their website may still be up for now but the restaurant is gone.  Yesterday I drove by and noticed it was closed.  Sad to see that since it was my favorite lunch buffet.  With the demise of the Bombay Grill a year or so ago that leaves only the Clay Oven on the Golden Mile as your source for Indian dining in the Frederick Area.

UPDATE:  There is a sign in the window that says Delhis will be opening soon.


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Bombay Grill Gone

As I was driving up North Market Street this morning I noticed that the windows of the Bombay Grill were all papered up and the place was closed.  Kind of sad to see it go.  Its been around for at least a decade and I have certainly had a number of good meals there.  Admittedly they were all quite some time ago as the place had undergone at least three management changes that I could tell since it opened and I have been less than impressed with it lately.  At least there is still Nilgiris, which remains my favorite Indian place in Frederick.

There is a handwritten sign on window paper saying that an Italian restaurant Olive or Olives (I was driving pretty fast) will be opening in that location.

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Bombay Grill redux

Went back to the Bombay Grill for lunch again.  The food was great.  Much better than my January impressions.  Has a really nice saag paneer as one of the dishes.  Only two complaints:  they bring the naan to your table like they used to do (instead of having it on the buffet as they have been doing recently) but despite our requests, they didn’t bring it fast enough for my prodigious naan appetite.  Secondly,  I  was so darn stuffed after I left there that I was useless for the rest of the afternoon.  Bombay Grill will remain in the regular lunch rotation.  It’s about $10 for the lunch buffet so while its not a screaming value, its not a bad deal either.

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Gossip- Bombay Grill

The Bombay Grill  (on North Market Street) has been serving the best Indian Food in Frederick for years.  Their lunch buffet has long been a favorite.  I think over the years I have filled up three of their frequent luncher cards.  I must admit that I haven’t been there is the last six months though.  Yesterday a  friend of mine, and lover of Indian food, said that they have changed management and in her opinion the food has gone downhill to merely average.  Anyone have any comments on this?  I shall investigate and report back in the future.


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