About Wine Reviews

Wines:  I love wine.  I get frustrated reading these glowing reviews only to find at the end that 150 cases were produced.  I review wines that are made locally or ones that are widely available in our area.  I’ll use the Wine Spectator 100 point scale.  Being the tight bastard that I am I also always looking for a good value.  I like to keep one eye out for high QPR (Quality Price Ratio).  I.E. how good is the wine is for the price I am paying?  How much bang for the buck am I getting? I expect a $50 -100 bottle of wine to be outstanding.  I’m I lot more impressed when a $10 bottle is.   When evaluating for QPR I’ll also factor in the apellation.  Its hard to find a decent California Cabernet for under $20.  Its a lot easier to find an Aussie Shiraz.

Also since reviews are by their nature subjective, it is important to know your own palate and how that compares with your understanding of  the reviewer’s palate.  For example I know enough to know that me and Robert Parker don’t agree when it comes to Australian Wines, especially Shiraz.   Some of my thoughts on the subject of taste can be found here and here.  I drink most of my red wine with food. Towards that end I think I can fairly be described as old world.  I prefer subtlety and harmonious expression of the flavors that complement the dish you are eating.  Mrs. F tends to be more what I would term new world.  That is she likes the big fruit bombs that typify modern Cali Cabs and Aussie Shirazs.

Bottom line, as always, is trust your palate!

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