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Seafood- Where to Buy in Frederick County?

I’m hoping some readers can help Fred out.  We usually buy our seafood from the Common Market and we’ve always been happy with what we have got there.  But like a man with the TV remote I’m always wondering if there is something better on some other channel.

So where do you get your seafood in Frederick County?  It has to somewhere where the person can clearly explain where it comes from, whether its wild or farmed, and of course it has to be fresh.  Is there somewhere better than the Common Market, or just somewhere with a different variety that you like? Let me know.


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Some News

Frederick Maryland Online (longtime resident on the links list to the right)has scooped me on some news but I thought I would pass it on.

First there is a new restaurant called Magoo’s Pub and Eatery locating at the place where the defunct Jackson’s restaurant used to be.  (West 2nd Street)  The website looks to be a work in progress.  One of the commenters on FMO claims this is Jennifer Dougherty’s new project.  Let’s hope the food is better than her last restaurant.

More exciting to me is the report that there is supposed to be a new wine store opening up across the street from Volt.  Allegedly they will be opening right after the first of the year.  Unfortunate timing if you ask me since I know that, like most retailers, the holiday season accounts for such a large chunk of revenue for liquor stores.  I shall definitely check this place out and report back.

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Dutch Process Cocoa

I have several recipes I have been wanting to try and make.  They all call for Dutch process (or processed) cocoa.  Anyone know where I can find some.  So far I have tried MOM’s, The Common Market, Giant, Weis and Safeway.  Its kind of getting to be an obsession.  Thanks

UPDATE:  5/7/80: I found some in the Giant on Rt. 40. I had been looking in the baking section, and it was in the section with the drinking chocolate. D’oh! Perhaps its not as hard to find as I thought.


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