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Vignola Market no more?

Well- I was in the Vignola Market (see November 15th, 2007 entry) buying some white truffle oil Friday and it didn’t look any different, but when I got home I looked at the receipt and noticed it said Juliet’s Market and Cafe.  A small blurb in the Frederick News Post a day later confirmed this.  It appears the Italian market has changed hands recently, and is the Vignola Market no more.  As of this time there are no noticeable changes and the signage is still the same.  I will try to get some more info next time I stop by and let you know.  You know how I feel about this, and it is the only location in Frederick for getting some hard to find Italian item so I hope it doesn’t change much.  We’ll see.  The new name doesn’t exactly fill me with hope.

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Goodbye Farmers Market

Well, today was the last day for the Baughmans Lane farmers market.  Sad to see it go but the number of vendors has been dwindling of late.  Picked up some golf ball sized Seckel pears.  Haven’t had any yet.  I’ll update when I do.


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