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Voltaggio, Flying Dog & New Restaurant?

Excellent front page article in today’s Frederick News Post.  Talks about Bryan Voltaggio’s collaboration on a new brew with Flying Dog Brewery:  Backyard Ale.  The beer is designed to go with “smoked and barbecued foods.”  Downside is that FNP says it goes for $5 for a 12 ounce bottle.  Ouch- seems pricey for a regularly brewed beer.

Also in a sidebar the article talks about Voltaggio’s new TV show that he’s working on that might air on PBS in the fall.  Equally interesting is the tidbit that he is now considering the old Carmack Jay’s property for his new second restaurant.


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In Search of Jicama

The Frederick News Post food section had an article about Jicama this morning called “In search of Jicama“.  I love Jicama.  It’s kind of like a large crispy, sweeter, water chestnut if you’ve never had it.  We have a recipe for jicama-watercress salad that is a must have with paella.  In fact I can’t have one without the other.  The problem is I am almost always in search of jicama too.  I can’t find it anywhere with regularity even though it’s in season late fall to spring.  Anyone have any tips?


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Budget Cuts and the Fourth Estate

I don’t think anyone is envious of those poor souls labouring in the newspaper business right now.  However one of my favorite abuse pinatas:  the Frederick News Post is really plumbing the depths.  Yes in their current “In Good Taste” column [Cue announcers voice: “In Good Taste reports on an unannounced dining experience and is not meant to be a critical review” they review  ,excuse me, report on…cue drum roll… the Waffle House.   Good God those budget cuts must really be hurting.

Should you have questions about the fare at Waffle House you can see the review unannounced dining experience here.  Some highlights include “the portions were generous” and “the prices were modest.”  Coming next week:  The FNP reviews McDonald’s Value Menu.


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Linganore Cellars

There was another nice article in today’s Frederick News Post about Linganore Winecellars.  They must be paying them or something.  Ostensibly it was about pairing the right wine with food, but all of the wines featured were from Linganore Winecellars.  Honestly I’m not complaining though.  As I said in my earlier post I am always excited when any local winery gets press.  I figure anyone trying to make a go of it here in our region is certainly doing it for love and not with any hope of getting rich, so kudos to them and give them all the help they need.

I do have a couple of beefs- OK really maybe one thought and one gratuitous swipe.  The first thought is that one of the reasons why I think wine intimidates people is they are afraid of breaking “the rules.”  I have said before and I’ll stick by it: the only real rule you need to follow is drink what you like, but don’t be afraid to try new stuff.  Articles on  rules tend to perpetuate the myth.  The only successful way to pair in my opinion, since there can be so much variation within the same varietal even,  is to build up your own palate database and apply it to the dish on hand. 

Now my swipe.  And just like that last little sweet on the holiday platter I wanted to pass it by, but after standing there and staring at it I just couldn’t resist. FNP is one of my favorite targets.  It is Pinot Noir not Pinot Noire!  I guess they have been watching too much film noire.

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Frederick News Post Rant (Again)

I interrupt my planned series of anniversary posts to bring you the following rant.  Maybe I am just feeling cranky today, but another FNP article about food and drink irritated me.  As mentioned earlier the Beaujolais Nouveau season is almost upon us.  In yesterdays  Post there was an article about Linganore Wine Cellars releasing a new wine:  their 2008 Nouveau.  Really interesting and I am always thrilled to see local wineries getting publicity.  However the author of the article was unnamed and it was clear they had no knowledge, or at least none that they wanted to impart to the reader, of wine.  First the article said it was made with a “grape hybrid.”  Well, duh.  No mention of what variety of grape.  Secondly and more importantly no one said what the wine tastes like.  Now I know it is too much to ask the Post to rate the wine, and rating are generally useless anyway- one person’s nirvana can often be another person’s swill,  but some general ideas of what the wine tasted like would have been nice.  Is it light, medium bodied?  Is it acidic, tannic?  Dry, off dry or sweet? It said it was red, but after that who knows?  I think this would be especially important to know since the wine is only available at the winery, so I’d like to have some idea to see if it is worth driving out there for. 

PS FNP:  How about the cost?


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