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Odds and Ends & Validation!

Grocery stores seeking way around alcohol sales ban.  I have mixed feelings about this.  Comments anyone?  I do admit that I stop at the Leesburg Costco from time to time to get wine.

Good op-ed piece in the Sun on this issue by Adam Borden president of MBBWL.

And finally on Monday I posted about the best rose I have had in ages.  Well it seems that I am not the only one who feels this way.  In today’s wine column in the Washington Post Dave McIntyre gives the Alexander Valley Vineyards Dry Rose of Sangiovese the highest rating out of all the rose he reviewed.  Refined palate or just plebeian tastes?  I know which theory I’m going with.



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Odds and Ends

Nice article on Frederick County’s newest winery, Catoctin Breeze Vineyard, in the Frederick News Post.  I can’t think of any other business where so many people go into the business out of sheer love for the product.  Of course talking to Maryland winery owners you would be delusional if you were getting into it for the money.  I look forward to sampling their wines.

West Frederick Farmer’s Market re-opens Saturday May 5th for the season!

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Chef Bryan Voltaggio Snapped at the Farmer’s Market

Not trying to get all paparazzi on you but here is a recent picture of Chef Voltaggio at the West Frederick Farmer’s Market shopping.  It’s not my picture so I’ll just link to it.

This serves as a great reminder to get out there before its over!  I was there two Saturdays ago and just blown away by the abundance.  All the fall glory with some of summer still hanging on as well.  This really is the best time of year to go.  Among my scores were some amazing apples, my favorite vegetable of all time: brussels sprouts and got a huge bunch of rainbow chard on impulse.  Mrs. F displayed her strong knife skills (Shout out to Chef Christine and the Kitchen Studio!) by julienning the leaves and dicing the stems.  Sauteed the whole thing in olive oil  and served it with a sprinkling of sea salt and a squeeze of lemon.  Amazing!

This picture does not do it justice!

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Mionetto Prosecco

Mionetto prosecco frequently pops up on  lists of value bubblies. I’ve had it a few times over the years and enjoyed it but it hasn’t been in our regular rotation here at home, which was frustrating since  I know its very widely distributed.  It turns out it’s just really a matter of going to the right liquor store, and I found it this past week at Old Farm Liquors.  It was on sale for $9.99.  To be precise, since they make several varieties, I am talking about Mionetto Prosecco Brut D.o.c.  I found it to be moderately bubbly, with lots of golden delicious apple flavors with a hint of pear.  It winds up with a nice, crisp dry finish.  It also had a little bit of champagne-like undertones that elevated it a notch above the usual prosecco.  Had it with ham and cheese (Gruyère) crepes and it was excellent.

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Frederick Wine House Closes

If you are as fond as I am of this store then this headline probably gave you a heart attack, but its true.  Today after their customary Friday tasting they will shutter their doors at the 7th street location for good!  Boy am I feeling evil.  As Paul Harvey would say:  now for the rest of the story.  They are only closing to move their store for their long-planned relocation to the Wegman’s shopping center on Route 26.  Word from them is that they will reopen by next Friday (5/27).  The owner says they will have an increased selection of wines and are adding an extensive beer selection to their line up.  I can’t wait!  Loyal readers will know that this is my favorite wine store in Frederick.  You can bet I’ll post a full report as soon as I can visit.

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Frederick Wegmans

The new Wegmans is getting ready to open June 5th.  They say that  they anticipate 12,000-15,000 people (!!!) to show up for opening day.   I’m definitely excited having never set foot in one before.  I promise to report back here on my impressions when I do go, but there is no way you could pay me to go near that place on the first day.  I’ve been to the Lowe’s that opened in the same shopping center and I can’t imagine how they will accommodate that kind of crowd.

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West Frederick Farmer’s Market

Reminder:- the West Frederick Farmer’s Market kicks off its 2011 season this Saturday, May 7th at 10:00 am.  It is at the same location (110 Baughman’s Lane (Potomac Physicians Parking Lot), Frederick, MD 21702) as it has been in past years.  It will be interesting to see what the vendors have.  It seems to me that it has been a wetter and colder spring growing season so far.  I know my garden is a couple of weeks behind last year.  No matter what is there I am looking forward to it.  It’s sort of Foodie/locavore opening day?  Also due to the recent legislative change wine tastings will be allowed at Farmer’s Markets.  I hope that is in the cards for the  West Frederick Market.  How cool would that be?

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