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Patrick’s on Patrick Street

I had occasion to go to Patrick’s this Friday for lunch.  Since they are only in a “soft opening” (their words) phase I’m not going to do a review at this point.  It’s pretty clear to me that they are still a work in progress.  Rather I’l  just share some of my first impressions:  It is in the space formerly occupied by Venuti’s, but they have changed things around. The first thing you notice as is the bar.  It is approximately 45 feet long,  dark carved wood- very impressive and looked like it had seen some action.  The owner told me the story of how his brother found it in Ireland in a building slated for remodelling and how he sent a woodworker from Hagerstown over to disassemble it and ship it to Frederick.  They appear to have about 10 beverages on draft including:  Guinness, Smithwick’s, Newcastle Brown, Flying Dog Pale Ale and a hard cider who’s name escapes me.  I can say without reservation that the Smithwicks and Guinness are good!  Since it was lunch and I had to function that afternoon I’ll have to report back to you on the others. 

They had a limited menu consisting of a single page that can be summed up in one word “eclectic.”  There was fare you expected to see:  Shepherd’s Pie, fish and chips and corned beef and cabbage.  There was also some wild stuff: Cod with Thai lime sauce, seared Ahi tuna, samosas and baked brie.  Not your typical pub fare.

A few other odds and ends:  the bathrooms have been completely remodelled and are now bright and clean as opposed to the dank hole that was Venutis bathroom.  This may not come as a surprise to those who visited Venutis near the end of its life, but the new owner said they spent a lot of time and money ridding the kitchen of “an infestation” of insects left over from the previous occupants.  I look forward to visiting after their “Grand Opening” which is supposed to be some time in November.


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Downtown Restaurants coming (Volt) and going (Venutis)

Coming: There’s a new restaurant preparing to open in downtown Frederick called Volt after the Chef/Owner Bryan Voltaggio.  From their website:

Award-winning chef, Bryan Voltaggio recently left his duties as executive chef of Charlie Palmer Steak in Washington, DC to prepare for the opening of  VOLT, a restaurant and lounge located in downtown Frederick, MD. Voltaggio, with business partner, Hilda Staples will oversee the renovation and restoration of a Victorian brownstone mansion at 228 N. Market Street where the restaurant is set to open in June

That is one of the most interesting buildings in downtown Frederick.  It has a really cool walled garden.  I wonder if they will have an outside terrace area?  There is a lot of buzz surrounding this and it is definitely high on my list of places to review.  He has an interesting blog here.

Going:  Venutis is going, going, gone.  Saw someone scraping parts of the sign off the building the other day.  Can’t say I am surprised.  It was really good many years ago when it opened, but it has been circling the drain for quite some time, although honestly I haven’t been in there 18-24 months.  Word is an Irish pub is opening there.  A second location  by people who already run one in Baltimore. Here is their website.    Some of the appetizers listed are sushi, salsa and samosas!?!  Sounds about as Irish as sobriety. However, their location in Baltimore was named “Best Irish Pub” by Baltimore magazine in the August 2007 issue.  Three Irish pubs in Frederick?  We’ll see.  



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