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Coal Fire Pizza Mini-Review & Vacation

I am out of here until August!  Did eat at Coal Fire over the weekend.  The Margherita was outstanding; worth the trip alone.  I just love that thin, charred, crispy crust pizza.  Tons of fresh basil and the cheese was superb.  They make all their mozzarella in- house.  An absolute home run in my book.  Not as thrilled with their spicy sauce but maybe that was because I didn’t have anything on the pie but cheese.  I think with the right combination of toppings it could be better.  Pleased to see they have some local beers available as well.  See you in August.


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Coal Fire Pizza

In Frederick is now open.  I hope to give a review soon, but have an impending vacation looming.  We’ll see.

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Coal Fire Pizza- Frederick

The other day I stopped by the new Frederick Wine House location at the Wegman’s shopping center.  I’ll do a full review of that later, but while I was there I noticed the Coal Fire Pizza restaurant located just a few doors down.  I’ve been talking about this place since December 2009 and alas they are still not open.  They have  a hiring and opening soon sign out front but it is still clear that construction is going on.  I will definitely review this place once it opens.  Perhaps it will give Il Forno a run for its money as the best pizza joint in Frederick?  We will see.


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Coal Fire Pizza- A Non Review

I really love pizza and I have talked about my fondness for the stuff here before.  My strong preference is for thin crust New York style pizza.  In fact it’s fair to say I loathe the Chicago deep dish style.  So a couple of weeks ago while perusing HowChow’s excellent blog (which I have raved about before) I came across his review of Coal Fire Pizza in Ellicott City which he rates as one of the best pizza joints in Howard County.  Excitedly I put the address in my GPS as I knew I was going to be flying back into BWI from a trip just around dinner time in a week or so.  Alas the pizza gods did not smile on me and  things got delayed with the end result of no Coal Fire pizza.

However I did notice yesterday that the Washington Post did a quick review of the place and liked it.  They noted the wonderful thin crisp crust and that they make all their Mozerella in-house daily!  Of special interest to me the was that the article concluded with the note that “a second location is scheduled to open in Gaithersburg in February or March, says Sharoky, and the partners are considering branches in Frederick, Baltimore County and Northern Virginia.”  I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

UPDATE:  Check out Ian’s comment below.


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“Pizza Wine”- the Quest Continues

I think I might have found it.  What the heck am I talking about?  Check here for some background.  I picked up a bottle of this upon a recommendation from an Uncle when I was on vacation.  We loved it, but sometimes it’s hard to be totally objective when you’re drinking it with family and friends in a celebratory situation.  So I was excited to see it here at the Spirit Shoppe  for $10.99.  So dear readers in the interest of fairness, accuracy and my never ending quest to bring you good wine values I picked up another bottle.  I’m probably going to crack it this weekend so I will give you full tasting notes as soon as they are available.  The shocking part- its not Italian, it’s not even European!  Its from California.  Stay tuned.


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Luke’s Is Gone

Front page article in the FNP about the demise of both locations of Luke’s Pizza.  Unfortunately I expect to see more of this before it gets better.

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In Search of a Good Pizza Wine- 2006 Terre di Sole?

The white whale to my Ahab is what I call a good pizza wine.  What do I mean by that?  Well what I am always on the lookout for is an inexpensive red (preferably Italian) that we can crack open on a weeknight with a quickie meal of spaghetti, pizza or any of the other Italian inspired cuisine we seem to eat so much of.   Kind of like the house wine at Stately Fred Manor.   For many years our go to pizza wine was  Taurino Salice Salentino.   Used to be able to get it by the case for under six bucks a bottle.  Something happened to the wine after the death of the founder and the wine changed dramatically.  We really stopped drinking it and went on to others.  I also haven’t seen a vintage since 2003 so I’m not sure what the story is  

Now I understand that price wise those days are long gone for any red I am going to drink but I am always on the lookout for something in the $8-11 range.  With that background I decided to give the 2006 Terre Di Sole a try.  Its a 100% Sangiovese from Sicily.  I purchased it at the Frederick WIne House for $12.99. ( a touch over my price point for a pizza wine I know, but if it was really good I figure it would be worth it.)

 MY notes: It was a ruby red color and had a nose of sour redfruit and some smoke. Medium bodied and light.  Fairly simple tastes with sour fruit, cherry and some peppery notes on the finish. Mild tannins.  Not nearly as acidic as other Sangiovese’s that I’ve had. This is a wine to be drunk as part of a meal, not savored.  All in all it was a decent drink with pizza.   I gave it an 85. Do I have a new pizza wine?  No.  Why?  QPR wasn’t there- just too expensive for the wine you are getting.

The quest continues.


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