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The Great Schism

Sundays in the summer when we are around have a nice rhythm in the Fred household.  Get up, go to church, come home and adjourn to the pool for some relaxing and (of course) food, usually on the grill.  As loyal readers will know I am much more partial to beer and wine than I am liquor but Mrs. F and I have gotten into the habit of having an afternoon “pool drink.”  It varies somewhat:  when local white peaches are in season we have been known to have a Bellini or a peach margarita.  But generally over the last few years it has been the mojito.  Lately however there has been discord in paradise as Mrs. F has  a new favorite. 

Fred’s Mojito. In a large glass:

2 oz freshly squeezed lime juice

8-10 Fresh mint leaves

Muddle them together, crushing the mint to release the flavor.  I got this  one for father’s day some time ago and its wonderful.  Then add

 several lime quarters

1 1/2 to 2 oz. of simple syrup depending on your taste

2 oz of Bacardi Silver rum (don’t bother with anything else!)

Add a cup or so of crushed ice, top off with club soda and gently stir.  If you’re feeling really fancy garnish with a sprig of mint and a lime wedge.  Enjoy.

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Illegal Sangria

Sometimes you come across a story that is so ludicrous that you have to share.  Apparently there is a law on the books in Virginia on spirit, beer and wine miscegenation from 1934.  It prohibits restaurants and bars in the commonwealth from mixing wine or beer with spirits and pre-mixing a drink with alcohol.  This makes sangria illegal (wine & brandy in the traditional recipes).  The Washington Post reported today that Virginia’s Alcohol Beverage Control Agents  have handed out citations to La Tasca in Alexandria, and Jaleo in Crystal City.  The bartenders could go to jail for up to one year!  There is a pending bill in the Virginia Legislature to end this but it only applies to sangria.  That means flirtinis (champagne and vodka), Kir (wine & creme de cassis) and Mimosas (champagne & triple sec) will continue to remain illegal in Virginia.  So next time you go out to say Isabellas, toast the Free State with your sangria.

Now if we could only buy wine in Costco…


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