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Hi- If you see this do not be alarmed.  Fred Foodie is still going strong, you just need to update your bookmarks.  I moved the blog to a new site.  The URL is the same:  For some reason you must have the as your book mark.


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Breckenridge Brewery Part II

First of all thanks to James for posting the comment in the original BB post!  Per his suggestion I stopped by Ye Old Spirit Shoppe on 7th street and they do carry Breckenridge Brewery products.  Unfortunately they were out of the Vanilla Porter, which the clerk said is by far their most popular variety.  I was kind of crushed to find I have such populist tastes.  I consoled myself with a six pack of their Oatmeal Stout.  I’ll let you know.


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I don’t think I’ve ever really raised a political issue here, but here is one that hits close to home:  The Associated Press reports that the Senate Finance Committee  as part of the “Soda Tax Bill” we’ve been hearing about is also considering increasing taxes on beer, wine and hard liquor.  Things are still preliminary but the AP is saying that the documents committee members were given call for the Federal tax on beer to go from 33 cents to 48 cents a six-pack, a 145 percent increase.  Wine will go from 21 cents a bottle to 49 cents a bottle, a 233 percent increase and hard liquor, from $2.14 per fifth to $2.54 per fifth, a 19 percent increase.

Things are still early in the legislative process, but now its my ox getting gored.  Let’s hope the liquor industry lobbyists can do their thing.


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Out of Here!

On vacation- no Internet access either so no more posts until second week in August.  See you then.


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Farmer’s Market 7-12-08

Stopped by the West Frederick Farmer’s market on Saturday about 11:00 a.m.  I’m  happy to report that it was packed.  There must have been several hundred people there.  Picked up some blueberries and bunches of basil.  Pesto time tonight!  That’s one of those iconic summertime recipes in the Fred household.   One of the benefits of eating seasonally is that we have a rotation of dishes that come and go and that we look forward to making.  Our basil is still too small to provide the necessary amount of leaves and live so I was happy to see the bunches.  Also saw lots of other herbs, new potatoes, green beans.  The fruit stand had a line 30 deep, so I couldn’t quite see what they had.

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Robert and me. (Robert Mondavi RIP 1913-2008)

Just wanted to throw in my two cents on the passing of Robert Gerald Mondavi one of the giants of American wine who died at age 94 on May 16th.  According to Robert Parker “he had the single greatest influence in this country with respect to high quality wine and its place at the table.”  Not that the man was a complete saint though.  For details check out the 2007 book “The House of Mondavi”   (An altogether worthwhile read- Frederick County Public Library has copies).  He did however have a bit of an effect on my life. 

Every person I’ve ever talked to who is really into wine has had that “aha” moment, where  a wine just grabs you, and the penny drops and you no longer see wine the same way.   For me that came with two wines in the early nineties, the first of which was a bottle of  Robert Mondavi  Cabernet Sauvignon.  Unfortunately I didn’t pay attention to the vintage, vineyard or anything else, but  I remember myself and the future Mrs. Fred being handed the bottle by an Uncle at my Grandmother’s 80th birthday party, who said “try this” and I vividly recall how amazing it was (and that we hogged the remainder of the bottle).  At that point I had no idea where it was from, how much it cost, or even what the heck Cabernet Sauvignon was, but it got me interested to try and learn more.  And I am still trying to this day! 


“Wine to me is passion. It’s family and friends. It’s warmth of heart and generosity of spirit. Wine is art. It’s culture. It’s the essence of civilization and the Art of Living … When I pour a glass of truly fine wine, when I hold it up to the light and admire its color, when I raise it to my nose and savor its bouquet and essence, I know that wine is, above all else, a blessing, a gift of nature, a joy as pure and elemental as the soil and vines and sunshine from which it springs.”




Robert G. Mondavi
“Harvests of Joy

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Isabella’s Wine Dinners

Interesting article in today’s Frederick News Post about wine dinners at Isabellas.  Anyone ever been?  I might have to go especially as the next one is with Italian wine.

UPDATE:  I found the menu:

May 19, 2008

Isabella’s Presents
Five Course Wine Dinner
Featuring The Wines of Antinori of Italy
“Pineapple” Schmitz from Ste Michelle Wine Estates
May 19, Monday, 2008 7:30 P.M.
44 North Market Street, Frederick, MD

Pesto Torta di Formaggio
Pesto Cheesecake with Marinated White Bean and Shrimp Salad
Antinori Orvieto Camporgrande, 06

Caprese Fresca Insalata
Fresh Mozzarella and Tomato Salad with Basil and Extra Virgin Oil Olive
Antinori Bramito del Cervo Chardonnay, 06

Ravioli Aragosta
Homemade Pasta Pillows Filled with Lobster and Cheese Tossed with a Creamy Tomato Sauce
Villa Antinori Toscana Red, 03

Ripieno di Vitello
Tender White Veal Stuffed with Mushrooms Walnuts & Prosciutto Simmered in a Rosemary Demi Glaze
Antinori Peppoli Chianti Classico , 03

Sweet Marsla Wine Custard with Fresh Strawberries
Tormaresca Bucco di Lupo, 03

Alas, looks like a no go as Mrs. Fred is dangerously allergic to shrimp and lobster.

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I’m Back

Sorry for the lack of posts.  I have been away in New Orleans.  Absolute foodie heaven! And why can’t Frederick City have an open container law like the Big Easy? I’m back now and will continue with regular posts.  I am especially eager to get more wine reviews on here.


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