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All sorts of catchy titles and puns come to mind but the bottom line is I love the Lebherz Oil and Vinegar Emporium (LOVE).  The place rocks!  I finally got around to going in there and I have no idea why I waited so long.  They have over 40 different oils and vinegars in stainless steel casks all of which you can try.  I was in a rush so I only had time to taste a few samples.  I hit the store right when it opened and it was a good thing I was the only one in the store because the vinegars were so good that I may have been a little undignified (obscene?) licking those last few drops out of the sampling cups!  I walked out of there with their 18-year-old balsamic and a raspberry balsamic vinegars.  Their olive oils were so good it was overwhelming.  I’ll go back when I have more time to sample.  All the oils and vinegars in casks were available in three sizes of bottles (200, 375 and 750 ml).  I also felt their prices were very reasonable .

Located at 214 North Market Street, Frederick and on the web here.


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