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2008 Tapena Vino de la Tierra de Castilla

Regular readers know what a fan I am of good rose wines.  They are the duct tape of the wine world: with their unmatched versatility you can use them in all sorts of situations:  sipping on the patio, paired with barbeque or just about any summer fare, as base for sangria, to name a few.  In our house they are the quintessential summer wines.  So I’d like to share with you a wonderful rose we had the other night:  2008 Tapena Vino de la Tierra de Castilla.  I got this from the Frederick Wine House for around $10.  It was a really bright ruby red color.  It had vibrant flavors of strawberry and cherry kirsch with a hint of  tropical fruit.  Medium acidity.  Served refrigerator cold it was great.  Both of us felt it was a  fun rose and a decent value.  I gave it a solid 88.  I’m also going back to get a few more bottles.

UPDATE:  went back to get a few more bottles and they were sold out.  Note to self:  must buy the bottles BEFORE I blog about it.  The owner said he thought they would get some more in.


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