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Shout Out- Marylanders for Better Beer & Wine Laws

This blog got a mention in the Marylander’s for Better Beer & Wine Laws 2012 Alcohol Legislative Roundup for my April 23rd post on some of the changes to Maryland’s alcohol laws.  This is a good time to reaffirm what a great organization MBBWL is, and not just because they gave me a shout out.  I’ve been plugging them on this blog from as far back as October 2009.  They are the only organization in this state that fights for the consumer on these issues and they have been instrumental in the incremental progress that has been made in bringing a measure of sanity to Maryland’s alcohol laws.  They  wage a  David versus Goliath battle against the beverage wholesalers lobby.   Send them some love by liking them on facebook, following them on twitter and most importantly giving them a little money by going to their home page and clicking the please donate button on the right.


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A Worthy Organization

With the legislative session just around the corner here is an organization worthy of a look by readers of this blog:   Marylanders For Better Beer and Wine Laws.  As most of you know it is illegal to directly ship wine to an individual in Maryland.  Ridiculous and crazy I know and something I have railed against for a while.  So what is one to do?  Have a close friend who lives in West Virginia and whose wife is a stay at home mom who can sign for packages?  Well that’s one solution, but the real answer to the problem is to get involved.  Every year for the past few years a bill has been introduced to change the law and every year the bill dies in the legislature.   The wholesalers have deep pockets and do not want to see their monopoly broken so it is an uphill battle.

 I will update readers as the session goes on but one great way is to join and support organizations like MBBWL.

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