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Odds and Ends &The Candy Kitchen

With all that’s going on blogging is always a little light this time of year.  Busy planning the menus!

Just noticed that the Frederick Wine House is having the Willm Cremant d’Alsace available for tasting tomorrow (12/24) from 4pm -7 pm along with some other wines.  Its free!  If you happen to taste it let me know what you think.

When eating and drinking I usually feel that quality is preferred over quantity.  That’s why in the Fred household we usually give the kids a nice piece of chocolate in their stockings from the Candy Kitchen.  Mrs. F usually gets an all dark chocolate box of truffles from there as well.  Last week I stopped by to get the goods and the place was in utter disarray and had little or no stock.  Now I know that this is their busy season, and it is always chaotic when you go this time of year, but it seemed worse then usual:  no chocolate Santas at all and little or no truffles.  This was first thing in the morning as well, so it wasn’t like they were hit hard before I got there.  Anyone else experience this?  Anyone know what’s going on?  It made me sad, but I had to get the stuff elsewhere.  First time in 13 years no Candy Kitchen in Mrs F’s stocking.

Careful opening that bubbly.  A recent study found that Champagne corks come out at over 24 mph!



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Odds & Ends II- Wine Tasting Course

Got an email that the Frederick Wine House is offering a wine tasting course.  Here are the particulars:


Fundamentals of Wine Tasting
When: Tuesday, October 14, 2008
Time: 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Location: Frederick Wine House
Fee: $20/person
Class Size: Limited to 25 peopleInstructor: Patrick Smith, The Country Vintner

Join us for our first-ever wine education class October 14. This class is the perfect opportunity to learn the art of wine tasting and fine-tune your tasting skills. Put your skills to practice as we taste 10 wines representing a variety of grapes. Complimentary cheese and crackers will be provided.
Special Discount: Enjoy 10% off any wines purchased during the class.
Call Frederick Wine House at 301.378.0409 or email info@frederickwinehouse.com to register for the class

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Riondo Prosecco Tasting

As mentioned previously Frederick Wine Househas regular free tastings.  In their weekly email I just noticed that one of the wines they are pouring on Saturday June 21st is Riondo Prosecco.  We’ve had this many times before and is consistently one of our favorites for taste and value.  Its frizzante, which means that it is less bubbly than spumante style prosecco, but its well worth swinging by for a taste.  I went back and dug up my tasting notes from the last time I had a bottle:

Light bubbles- definitely frizzante. Strong apple taste with hint of butterscotch. Surprisingly long finish. A little sweet. Overall very good & low in alcohol.  Picked several bottles up for $8.99 so it was a great QPR.  Rating 89

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Wine Dinner- June 4th

Frederick Wine House and the Valley Grill at Hollow Creek Golf Club are having a wine dinner on June 4th from 7 to 10 p.m.  You can check out the menu here.  It certainly looks good on paper.  The cost is $85 per person which includes tax and gratuity doesn’t seem outrageous for what you are getting.  The wines look interesting- all Italian (yay!). I was also excited to see that they are having vinsanto  with the desert course.  This  traditional Tuscan dessert wine  made from Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes is generally hard to find and I’ve never seen it in any Frederick area wine store.  I wonder if this means that the FWH carries it?  I’d love to get my hands on some.  I have an Uncle (1st generation Italian-American) who loved a glass after dinner and have fond memories of him introducing me to the stuff.


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More on the Frederick Wine House

Since my February 14th post on the new wine store in town I have been back there several times.  They continue to grow in a positive way:  their selection has expanded and they have a good, solid selection of wines at all price points.  They now have  more higher end wines for those special occasions than they had before.

Every time I go in there I am without fail impressed by the friendliness, knowledge and their sheer love of wine which comes shining through.  Spend any time in there and see the way they know a lot of the people that come in and you can see how hard they work to foster a sense of community.   Their abundance of free tastings certainly can’t hurt in that department either! Last time I was in there I was looking for some wines to serve with the Mother’s Day meal I was planning.  I told the clerk (sales associate, owner, whatever?) what I was looking for and she had a lot of helpful suggestions.  She was even able to point out which Chardonnays were unoaked (a request that I wouldn’t usually dream of making in most stores around here and the one store I asked in [cough- Spirit Shop-cough] drew a blank stare).  She was honest as well, out of the 7 or 8 specific wines I asked about she admitted she hadn’t tasted one so she couldn’t comment on it.

I also saw they have a grand opening celebration set for May 17th from noon until 5.  Again, here is the link to their site.  I think this is a local business well worth supporting and I think its going to be my go-to wine store in the area. 


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