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2008 Estampa Rose

Estampa Rose

Now that warmer weather is upon us I usually turn to those lighter summer wines.  Top of my list are rosé wines.  Rosé wines have been making resurgence in recent years and if you seek out some good ones you’ll know why.  These are not the sweet cloying ‘white zin’ you may remember.  Neither red nor white they make a terrific patio wine or as an accompaniment with a wide range of foods. 

A recent one I found was the 2008 Estampa rosé.  This is a Chilean wine made from 75% Cabernet Sauvignon and 25% Syrah.  It had a nice deep red color- on the bolder side for a rosé.  It had a strong nose of cherry jolly rancher. Lots of cherry and white peach on the palate, but not sweet at all. Nice crisp acidity with a surprisingly long finish. A terrific rosé!  This was about $12 (I don’t remember exactly and I couldn’t find my receipt) from the Spirit Shoppe on 7th Street.

Wine School:  Rosé wines are not meant to age.  Look for the most recent vintage you can find.  This means you should be drinking the 2007 or 2008 vintages now.


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