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Champagne Claude Baron

Sometimes you get the urge to splurge and for several reasons I found myself looking for such a bubbly.   I selected the Champagne Claude Baron Cuvee Topaze 2006.  Vintage Champagnes are a small subset of Champagne.  The theory is that the wineries make these wines only in their best years when the grapes are of such quality that the usual blending is not needed.  Vintage champagnes account for about 4% of champagne sales in the United States.  This wine happened to be a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.  I was not blown away by it.  The bubbles were very fine and disappeared quickly in the glass.  I was looking for some of the characteristics of vintage champagne: nuttiness, dried fruits, toasted bread.  I found none of this.  Rather a delicate and fresh wine of lemons and nice acidity.  Six years should have been enough time to impart some of these flavors.  Bottom line:   decent but not worth the price paid.  You can get comparable champagnes for $20 less.  Oh well the hunt and exploration of new bottles is a large part of what makes wine so exciting for me.  Cheers!

Purchased at the Frederick Wine House for $49.99

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