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Confession time:  I hate coffee- dislike the taste so much that I don’t even care for mocha ice cream.  My caffeinated beverage of choice is tea and I am nuts about a relatively new place (fiveish months old?) that has opened in downtown Frederick.

The place is Voila! and they have a huge selection of black, green and herbal teas all sold loose by the ounce.   The proprietor always has three varieties (usually one of each type) brewed and available for your sampling pleasure.  Everything they sell has samples in these cool little magnetic canisters attached to the wall so you can sniff each one to get an idea of their taste.  The range of teas is huge and many I have never seen elsewhere (Tea on The Beach is an inscrutable favorite).  I have tried about half a dozen varieties over the last couple of months and they have uniformly been excellent.  I am also especially enamoured of Wild Grey green which is a green tea version of the famous Earl Grey blend.  The costs vary but most are around $8 for two ounces.  I get about 12-15 pots out of each two ounce can, so they aren’t that crazy expensive.

Voila:  10 North Market Street, Frederick.  301-663-0704.  No web page that I am aware of but they are on facebook.

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All sorts of catchy titles and puns come to mind but the bottom line is I love the Lebherz Oil and Vinegar Emporium (LOVE).  The place rocks!  I finally got around to going in there and I have no idea why I waited so long.  They have over 40 different oils and vinegars in stainless steel casks all of which you can try.  I was in a rush so I only had time to taste a few samples.  I hit the store right when it opened and it was a good thing I was the only one in the store because the vinegars were so good that I may have been a little undignified (obscene?) licking those last few drops out of the sampling cups!  I walked out of there with their 18-year-old balsamic and a raspberry balsamic vinegars.  Their olive oils were so good it was overwhelming.  I’ll go back when I have more time to sample.  All the oils and vinegars in casks were available in three sizes of bottles (200, 375 and 750 ml).  I also felt their prices were very reasonable .

Located at 214 North Market Street, Frederick and on the web here.


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Riverside Liquors

 Like someone who always believes there is something better on the channel he’s not watching I can’t resist stopping by new liquor stores when I get the chance.  I took advantage of such an opportunity to stop by Riverside liquors today.  Boy was I surprised.  I had been in there before a couple of years ago and found them to be pretty much the average Frederick County beer and liquor store.  They sure have changed since my last visit.  In the Spring they took over the space next to them formerly occupied by Blockbusters and doubled their size.  They now have a huge selection of wines and a very decent selection of beer and liquor.   Prices are in line  with other Frederick County prices, but they do have some bottles on sale which you don’t often see around here.  I noticed they had an everyday favorite of mine, Gnarly Head Old Vine Zinfandel, on sale for $8.99 a bottle.  They also had the largest selection (about 8-12 different varieties) of Prosecco that I have seen in our area.

The only gripe I would have is that they have some of their wine arranged by by region (ie France, Italy etc.) and some arranged by varietal (Zinfandel, Merlot).  The also had a section for “Chili Wines” which were not in actuality refrigerated wines, but rather bottlings from the country-Chile.

Riverside Liquors- 1299 Riverbend Way
Frederick, MD 21701
[In the small shopping center in front of the Rt 26 Walmart]

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Direct Shipping of Wine

The Comptroller’s Office is running a survey through September 30th on direct shipping of wine to Maryland.  I have been posting here for several years about efforts in the Legislature to get this passed.  It always gets shot down by the influence of the alcohol wholesalers.  Last year a bill passed that requires the Comptroller to report to the legislature by the end of the year “on the viability and efficacy of permitting direct shipment of wine to consumers in the State.”   Please take the survey by clicking here.  It takes less than 5 minutes.

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Rose Tease Part II

So  I went back to buy the rose from Frederick Wine House and they were all sold out.  I found out this week that it was because MY PARENTS went and bought them out after hearing me rave and tasting it.  I’m going to have to up my security level even higher.  At least maybe I can drink some on their nickel.  In case you are wondering the wine was 2009 Toad Hollow Pinot Noir Eye of the Toad.  I gave it a solid 89 points and my notes said: “Very very nice. Orangey- red color. Nose of strawberry with hint of candy. Flavors of tangerine, strawberry, lemon and a hint of minerality. Dry finish. A delicious rose and a good value.”

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Seafood- Where to Buy in Frederick County?

I’m hoping some readers can help Fred out.  We usually buy our seafood from the Common Market and we’ve always been happy with what we have got there.  But like a man with the TV remote I’m always wondering if there is something better on some other channel.

So where do you get your seafood in Frederick County?  It has to somewhere where the person can clearly explain where it comes from, whether its wild or farmed, and of course it has to be fresh.  Is there somewhere better than the Common Market, or just somewhere with a different variety that you like? Let me know.


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West Frederick Farmer’s Market

According to the  blog Grown In Frederick the West Frederick Farmer’s Market is staying put.  There was a lot of drama at the end of last year as to whether they would remain at their long-time Baughmann’s Lane location but they have announced that they signed a contract with the property owner and they will be back.  Congratulations and I’m sure they’re happy. 

The market opens May 1st!

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