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Everybody knows that cupcakes are all the rage.  With reality TV shows, cookbooks and a proliferation of stores it was only a matter of time that a cupcake store would open in Frederick.  Now to be fair the store is billed as a “cake and cupcake shop” but the cakes are only by special order.  What people go for are the cupcakes.  And go there they do!  When I stopped by on a weekday afternoon the place was jumping.   The co-owner told me that they had sold out the day before (also a weekday) by 2 p.m.  At first I was seized by panic since there were only a handful of cupcakes on display and I feared that I had missed the boat.  I soon realized that these were only samples of what they have for sale.  In fact each type of cupcake is individually nestled under a beautiful glass dome like a jewel.  It is only fitting that the cupcakes are sold in Tiffany blue boxes.

At first Mrs. F though I had brought her home a tiara, but her disappointment didn't last once she opened the box

Angelcakes has seven regular varieties: Madagascar vanilla, scarlet red velvet, black and white, shaved coconut, salted caramel, key lime and chocolate ganache.  In addition to these they have rotating daily specials.  On the Wednesday I was there
it was chocolate peanut butter.  Some of the other special types that look delicious are snickerdoodles (Saturdays) and fresh strawberry (Sundays).

Two chocolate ganache on the left and then the chocolate peanut butter on the upper right and the salted caramel

I sampled a chocolate ganache, chocolate peanut butter and a salted caramel.  They were all very good.  The cupcakes were very moist and chocolaty.  The chocolate peanut butter was bursting with flavor and the salted caramel was delicious.  I’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite out of the three I sampled.  The icing was plentiful and incredibly sweet.    I’d be the first to tell you that I am not really an icing person to begin with so this was a big negative to me. I ended up scraping the some of the icing off, which was a bummer since I wanted to keep the drizzle of caramel and salt crystals. I think they should offer their cupcakes with either “regular” or “half” icing. However others in my party had no problem scoffing down all their icing and then the rest of mine which I could not eat.  If there is any real quibble to be had with the cupcakes I tried was that the edges of the cupcake itself were hard and chewy.  This was on all the cupcakes so I don’t know if it was intentional or not.  Either way it did not detract from my enjoyment.

Bottom line is that a trip to Angelcakes is an awesome indulgence.  Go there and get some, just go early.  Angelcakes is located at 319 East Church Street and their website can be found here.

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Frog Eye Farm 2011

Received an email from Stacey who let me know that Frog Eye Farm will be opening this weekend!  My previous posts will let you know why I am so excited about this.  The big news for this year is that they intend to be open on weekdays as well as weekends.  Now that the kids are (almost) off from school I shall press my child labor gang into action!  I can’t wait.

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Coal Fire Pizza- Frederick

The other day I stopped by the new Frederick Wine House location at the Wegman’s shopping center.  I’ll do a full review of that later, but while I was there I noticed the Coal Fire Pizza restaurant located just a few doors down.  I’ve been talking about this place since December 2009 and alas they are still not open.  They have  a hiring and opening soon sign out front but it is still clear that construction is going on.  I will definitely review this place once it opens.  Perhaps it will give Il Forno a run for its money as the best pizza joint in Frederick?  We will see.


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Sometimes foodies can be insufferable.  This video is hilarious and puts it in perspective.  I’ll make sure to watch it from time to time to stay grounded about these things.

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Actual Recipe From Food Network Website

 I recently came across this actual recipe from the Food Network and could not stop laughing!  Some of the comments are pure comedy gold!


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West Frederick Farmer’s Market

Reminder:- the West Frederick Farmer’s Market kicks off its 2011 season this Saturday, May 7th at 10:00 am.  It is at the same location (110 Baughman’s Lane (Potomac Physicians Parking Lot), Frederick, MD 21702) as it has been in past years.  It will be interesting to see what the vendors have.  It seems to me that it has been a wetter and colder spring growing season so far.  I know my garden is a couple of weeks behind last year.  No matter what is there I am looking forward to it.  It’s sort of Foodie/locavore opening day?  Also due to the recent legislative change wine tastings will be allowed at Farmer’s Markets.  I hope that is in the cards for the  West Frederick Market.  How cool would that be?

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Confession time:  I hate coffee- dislike the taste so much that I don’t even care for mocha ice cream.  My caffeinated beverage of choice is tea and I am nuts about a relatively new place (fiveish months old?) that has opened in downtown Frederick.

The place is Voila! and they have a huge selection of black, green and herbal teas all sold loose by the ounce.   The proprietor always has three varieties (usually one of each type) brewed and available for your sampling pleasure.  Everything they sell has samples in these cool little magnetic canisters attached to the wall so you can sniff each one to get an idea of their taste.  The range of teas is huge and many I have never seen elsewhere (Tea on The Beach is an inscrutable favorite).  I have tried about half a dozen varieties over the last couple of months and they have uniformly been excellent.  I am also especially enamoured of Wild Grey green which is a green tea version of the famous Earl Grey blend.  The costs vary but most are around $8 for two ounces.  I get about 12-15 pots out of each two ounce can, so they aren’t that crazy expensive.

Voila:  10 North Market Street, Frederick.  301-663-0704.  No web page that I am aware of but they are on facebook.

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