About Me & The Blog

About Me:  I think it’s fair for you to know about my background and biases.  First I am a male and in my forties.  To me the best meals are those that use the finest, freshest ingredients which the chef elevates through proper cooking without destroying them or altering beyond recognition.  I guess you would say I am an anti-molecular gastronomist, although I have to begrudgingly admit that that style of cooking impresses me with its art and science. The foods that make me weak in the knees are simple dishes like the  brussels sprouts I still remember from a night out in New York: they were halved, grilled and finished with just the right amount of vinegar, garlic and other spices.  Absolutely sublime.  I believe that the Italians are masters at this.  So I guess you could say to me that the farmer is just as important as the chef.

A word about flesh.  If you read some of my posts about books you’ll know what influences my thoughts on this subject.  Seafood is fine for me.  I prefer wild-caught, sustainable seafood.  Some aquacultured products are fine.  Check out this for more information.  I believe that the modern industrial production of meat is inhumane, unhealthy and just plain bad for so many other reasons.   If it is not wild killed, or from a small, sustainable farm I will pass.  Beef must be 100% grass fed.  (see Michael Pollan’s books for the answer why)  This is why I always try to find out where a restaurant gets its products from (SYSCO is not an acceptable answer IMO!)  This is also why I tell most of my acquaintances that I am a vegetarian.  It’s so much easier than the more accurate, but long-winded answer which makes their eyes glaze over after 10 seconds anyway.  We are lucky here in Frederick County.  I get fresh eggs from someone I know personally three miles down the road, dairy from South Mountain Creamery, and meat from the farmer who raises them.  All that being said I will occasionally make an exception for the purposes of a restaurant review on the odd item if the restaurant makes a general effort towards this way of thinking.

About The Blog:

        So what’s this blog all about?  The short answer is anything that interests the food and wine lover in me. I’ll try to keep the emphasis local as well- that means Frederick, Maryland and the surrounding areas.  What enthuses me are restaurant reviews, store reviews, comments on unique produce/items I find, events, interesting magazines/books, other Internet sites and wine- especially wine!

3 responses to “About Me & The Blog

  1. james

    ever tried micks im the chef there and i think you would dig it if we havnt already pissed you off. i think we are good at that givin our limited resources. however ALL of our food is sourced locally with exeption of our fish we consult the monteray bay seafood guide. however stop in let us know and ill show off

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