Word is that Lunchbox opens tomorrow.  I will stop by next week and let you know.  Anyone care to post any of their impressions in the comments?


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5 responses to “Lunchbox

  1. Bob

    I can tell you that Volt Lunchbox is definately open as of today. Just spent the morning helping them prep to open……gonna be a great place.

  2. James

    Popped in yesterday afternoon. Delicious sandwiches. Reasonable prices. Even the kids were impressed. Reuben was tasty, as was my son’s grilled PB & banana.

  3. fredfood

    Thanks for the feedback. PBJ & Banana! Mmmm.

  4. Visited on Monday. It was delicious (and fast!). It was a nice plus to see Bryan behind the counter, overseeing the opening week madness. The peanut butter and banana is phenomenal – filling enough for lunch, but sweet enough that a half could also make a great mid-afternoon snack or healthy dessert. I also recommend the red onion soup – a perfect take on the classic french onion, with loads of sliced onion, a perfect broth, and crispy gruyere croutons. My sore throat (why must my body always revolt and get sick around the holidays?) was very pleased. Oh, and they have Cheerwine.

    Planning to stop in again today with my sister to try some other items!

  5. Anonymous

    Overhyped! Went today we had the Pilgrim, the outside of the bread was heavily salted, inside had no flavor, skimpy on the cranberry orange relish. Alphabet soup was cold and tasted worse than canned spaghettios! The wedge salad was ho hum. I was really hoping the food would be excellent, but we left disappointed. However, it was PACKED.

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