Chef Bryan Voltaggio Snapped at the Farmer’s Market

Not trying to get all paparazzi on you but here is a recent picture of Chef Voltaggio at the West Frederick Farmer’s Market shopping.  It’s not my picture so I’ll just link to it.

This serves as a great reminder to get out there before its over!  I was there two Saturdays ago and just blown away by the abundance.  All the fall glory with some of summer still hanging on as well.  This really is the best time of year to go.  Among my scores were some amazing apples, my favorite vegetable of all time: brussels sprouts and got a huge bunch of rainbow chard on impulse.  Mrs. F displayed her strong knife skills (Shout out to Chef Christine and the Kitchen Studio!) by julienning the leaves and dicing the stems.  Sauteed the whole thing in olive oil  and served it with a sprinkling of sea salt and a squeeze of lemon.  Amazing!

This picture does not do it justice!

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