Danielles Closed

Just saw that Danielle’s restaurant at Shab Row shut its doors for good.  There was some indication they were going to try something different but apparently now they are just plain closed.  I remember when the space was occupied by Tauraso’s.  It seems to me that local restaurants who are  serving higher end “American” cuisine are having a harder time of it than some other more specialized restaurants.  What do you think?

UPDATE 10/26/11: The Frederick News Post is reporting that the restaurant owed more than $353,000 in sales and witholding taxes.  Ouch!


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3 responses to “Danielles Closed

  1. Bob

    I think it is becuase people don’t care about food anymore. They have the $9.99 special where there is way too much for one person to eat….and we wonder why there is an obesity problem in the US, instead of quality of the food.

    I thought I read somewhere that it was a personal thing witht he owner and not money.

  2. Kevin

    This is very sad to my wife and I. Danielle’s was, in our opinion, the best food in Frederick, regardless of cost. This was our place to go out an celebrate whenever we had a reason and we always received impecible service and food.

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