Beer- Breckenridge Brewery

Had a Breckenridge Brewery  Vanilla Porter this weekend.  I thought it was awesome.  Not really a food beer, too distinctive in its flavor, and probably too heavy for the weather we are having around here now, but in front of a campfire in the highlands of West Virginia it was magical.  I think during the cooler months it will become a regular in my rotation.  Anyone know where I can get this in Frederick?



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3 responses to “Beer- Breckenridge Brewery

  1. James

    I *think* I saw some Breckenridge stuff at Ye Old Spirit Shop on 7th St. If you can’t find it there, Longmeadow Liquors in Hagerstown definitely carries it.

  2. fredfood

    Thanks! I’ll go check it out on 7th street. Sometimes all the beer stores blur together!

  3. You can also find this at the liquor store up on Rt 26 in front of Wal-Mart.

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