Coal Fire Pizza- Frederick

The other day I stopped by the new Frederick Wine House location at the Wegman’s shopping center.  I’ll do a full review of that later, but while I was there I noticed the Coal Fire Pizza restaurant located just a few doors down.  I’ve been talking about this place since December 2009 and alas they are still not open.  They have  a hiring and opening soon sign out front but it is still clear that construction is going on.  I will definitely review this place once it opens.  Perhaps it will give Il Forno a run for its money as the best pizza joint in Frederick?  We will see.


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7 responses to “Coal Fire Pizza- Frederick

  1. Ian

    We tried the one in Ellicott City. The crust, cheese, and toppings were superb. They have 3 kinds of sauces, a Traditional, a Sweet ‘N Tangy House Specialty, and a Spicy. We tried the Sweet ‘N Tangy one, and let me just say… they warned you it was sweet. Still have high hopes for the other 2 sauces though.

  2. fredfood

    Thanks for the comment. I’m a traditionalist when it comes to pizza so I’m looking forward to sampling a classic margherita.

  3. Jean

    If you are over the age of 21 don’t even try applying for this company.
    As usual the only hiring that is done with restaurants any longer is for the young, and sexy, As long as you show up for your interview with a low cut tank top you will get the job. They don’t want responsible and experienced.

  4. Jesse

    Just ate at the Frederick location earlier today (7/30/11) and my recommendation is to stay away. Terrible pizza, essentially on par with what you would get at a carnival. Sauce was mediocre (I’ve had much better from a jar), cheese was nonexistent, and toppings were flavorless. The coal fire oven seemed to be a gimmick as we had a burnt crust but no special flavor (other than burnt) imparted on the crust; it wasn’t any different than setting your oven to 500 at home. Whoever made the dough either messed up the yeast or didn’t give the dough time to rise. This may be because the cooking staff were all between the ages of 15 and 19 and appeared inexperienced. Pizza restaurants are plentiful and there are far better options, even delivery or from the grocery store.

    I will have to say that the service was excellent. The servers were helpful and very friendly. They did an excellent job at getting our orders perfect and taking care of us. Unfortunately, the excellent service didn’t come close to making up for the terrible pizza.

  5. Frederick Local

    What a joke. The ‘coal fire’ does nothing for this pizza. The ingredients are on the level of Denny’s. The olives are those big, black, tasteless ones you get at a bad cafeteria. Seriously, for this amount of hype… trying to come off as some unique, gourmet ‘mecca’ is just wrong. Doesn’t make my pizza favorites list, even for just Frederick.

  6. Chuck

    Ate there Friday night and I’d have to agree with some of the posts above. The minimal toppings you get at $2 apiece were a joke. The sauce was just painted on (I like sauce unfortunately) and the “perfectly charred” crust was flavorless. It was a very underwhelming, but pricey experience. I can name a dozen places where the pizza has better TASTE, without gimmicks.

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