Voltaggio, Flying Dog & New Restaurant?

Excellent front page article in today’s Frederick News Post.  Talks about Bryan Voltaggio’s collaboration on a new brew with Flying Dog Brewery:  Backyard Ale.  The beer is designed to go with “smoked and barbecued foods.”  Downside is that FNP says it goes for $5 for a 12 ounce bottle.  Ouch- seems pricey for a regularly brewed beer.

Also in a sidebar the article talks about Voltaggio’s new TV show that he’s working on that might air on PBS in the fall.  Equally interesting is the tidbit that he is now considering the old Carmack Jay’s property for his new second restaurant.



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3 responses to “Voltaggio, Flying Dog & New Restaurant?

  1. Trout

    I got a sample yesterday and it is tasty stuff.

    I’m guessing the $5 is the at Volt price, since that is what they charge for most flying dog stuff. I just find it odd the 750ml is $15. You could get more for the same price by buying 3 12oz bottles.

  2. fredfood

    It struck me as bizarre as well that the 750 ml, which is a tad over 25 oz, would be triple the price of 12 oz. I dont think that is right and goes to show you just can’t believe everything you read in the FNP!

    • FredFood,

      I wrote the article and though you may think the prices are wrong, they were printed correctly. Hilda Staples gave me the numbers. If the price changed when it was actually served (this ran before it was available for purchase), then they changed their mind on the price. 😉

      -Adrienne Lawrence

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