Actual Recipe From Food Network Website

 I recently came across this actual recipe from the Food Network and could not stop laughing!  Some of the comments are pure comedy gold!



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5 responses to “Actual Recipe From Food Network Website

  1. Ian

    Ian’s Key Lime Surprise

    1 Tbls of lime juice
    1 cup of whipped cream
    1 custard dish

    Spray whipped cream into custard dish. Drizzle top with lime juice.


  2. Trout

    This was featured on along with stuff like “Dark Chocolate as a Snack” which had one ingredient: 1oz Dark Chocolate and my personal favorite “Late night bacon” which was just microwaved bacon.

  3. fredfood

    Trout- thanks for the link. I had no idea that site existed. It’s hysterical- wish I’d thought of it!

  4. Tina

    Ha ha, this is funny… Also in the Wegman’s magazine they sometimes have “recipes” that are basically “boil pasta, brown meat, heat jar of pasta sauce”. Wow, who would have thought to put those things together…

  5. fredfood

    I guess homemade has different meaning for different people!

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