Confession time:  I hate coffee- dislike the taste so much that I don’t even care for mocha ice cream.  My caffeinated beverage of choice is tea and I am nuts about a relatively new place (fiveish months old?) that has opened in downtown Frederick.

The place is Voila! and they have a huge selection of black, green and herbal teas all sold loose by the ounce.   The proprietor always has three varieties (usually one of each type) brewed and available for your sampling pleasure.  Everything they sell has samples in these cool little magnetic canisters attached to the wall so you can sniff each one to get an idea of their taste.  The range of teas is huge and many I have never seen elsewhere (Tea on The Beach is an inscrutable favorite).  I have tried about half a dozen varieties over the last couple of months and they have uniformly been excellent.  I am also especially enamoured of Wild Grey green which is a green tea version of the famous Earl Grey blend.  The costs vary but most are around $8 for two ounces.  I get about 12-15 pots out of each two ounce can, so they aren’t that crazy expensive.

Voila:  10 North Market Street, Frederick.  301-663-0704.  No web page that I am aware of but they are on facebook.


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