A Desire for Cider

I’ve been on a cider kick lately.  It started when I was looking at all the apples we had on our trees.  I use very little, to no pesticides/fungicides on our fruit.  Consequently they are not the most beautiful to look at but they taste excellent .  We are grateful to have them and make good use of them.  This year we have made applesauce, jars of apple butter and lots of apple cobbler and crisps.  However with eight apple trees we still have a lot left over even with just eating a lot off the tree and a mess of very fat deer (apple fed venison anyone?).  I also love to snag one as I ride by on the mower.  One August day, while mowing and staring at the ripening apples I was thinking as to what I could do with them.  Cider came to mind.

Just about that time we attended the grand opening of the Distillery Lane Ciderworks.  [I’m not going to talk much about them since they have gotten so much positive press since their opening.  The bottom line is GO!  They are great people with great products].  Attending  the Grand Opening just reinforced my desire to make cider.  And what’s better than cider?  Of course you know me:  HARD CIDER!

Next:  Adventures with fermentation


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