Shab Row Bistro and Wine Bar

A few days ago Mrs. F and I had a rare childless evening.  So we decided to try someplace new.  Any place with wine bar in the title gets our vote so off we went to the Shab Row Bistro and Wine Bar on East Street in Frederick.  This newer restaurant was once the tasting room for Frederick Cellars, but they split the building.  Now  Frederick Cellars has its facilities completely on one side and the new restaurant on the other.

The owners have made some changes and the eating area is stylishly decorated with muted earth tones, pictures by local artists and a zinc bar.  They also have a four table outdoor dining area overlooking East street, but on the day we went it was just too darn hot to sit there.  They are serving a limited menu right now, but their website indicates that they plan to expand it in the fall.  We had a cheese plate, the crostini, a caprese salad special and the vegetable flatbread.  Plenty of food for two moderately hungry people.   The food was quite good.  They have a nice selection of cheeses to choose from and the three spreads that came with the crostini were excellent.  The flatbread was nice and I really appreciated that the vegetable topping had not been cooked into mush and was still crispy and flavorful. The service was also very attentive.  They had about 40 wines by the glass and Mrs. F and I had fun picking and sampling a variety.

While I thought the food prices were a little on the expensive side the wine prices were excellent.  Everything they had by the glass was available in 2 or 6 ounce pours and the wines by the bottle were really a good value.  Most restaurants sell wine by the bottle for double or even triple retail.  Shab Row’s prices were significantly less than that.  Furthermore they have a wine store in the back and they will pour you anything there for a $9 corkage fee.  I didn’t explore the wine store as we were having too much fun with the wines by the glass.  Their website also lists their happy hour times which look worthwhile.

Bottom line:  If you think of this as an excellent place to drink some wine with some decent finger food on the side you won’t be disappointed.


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2 responses to “Shab Row Bistro and Wine Bar

  1. My husband and I recently discovered this place and we enjoyed happy hours on a Friday. We wanted to try their food but arrived too late on the other Friday, so our experience is limited in happy hours, which is an awesome deal for the quality beer, cocktails, and wine they carry. Looking forward to trying out their food when they open with a renovated kitchen.

  2. fredfood

    I agree. I think the drinks there are a good value. Plus its always so fun to sample different wines by the glass.

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