Frog Eye Farm 2010

Drove by the entrance and saw that the sign was out so that must mean that they are open for business.  I’m assuming that they are only open on weekends like last year but that is unconfirmed.  I’m going to try to go pick some this weekend, so I’ll let you know.

Previous posts on this topic which include directions and a phone number are here and here.

UPDATE 7/6/10:  They are in full swing.  We went there Saturday morning and picked a ton of delicious blueberries.

UPDATE 7/9/10:  They have a website:  Frog Eye Farm.  Be sure to check it out.  They say that they anticipate having berries through the end of July.



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7 responses to “Frog Eye Farm 2010

  1. Hello,

    The website for Frog Eye Farm went live today! is included on the links page.

    Please add to your site!

    Please note that the 2010 picking season is projected to go through July.

    An updated flier is posted on

    Thank you for your support of Frog Eye Farm!

    Stacey McGiffin

    • fredfood

      Thanks so much for the update. We love your blueberries.

      • Dear fredfoodie,

        I am a fan of Frog Eye Farm as well! I discovered it only last year, but I love picking blueberries there so much that I decided the farm needed its own website. Fortunately, has been helping get the word out via the internet for the past few years! Frog Eye Farm appreciates your continued support.

        Best Regards,

        Stacey McGiffin

  2. fredfood

    You guys got about six more pounds of support from the family this past Sunday!

  3. Because the blueberry season started early at Frog Eye Farm this year, farmer Hank Dubin has been watching the late-season varieties very closely. He has revised his projection to: Pick-your-own blueberries are expected to be available into early August.

    Stacey McGiffin
    Friend of Frog Eye Farm

  4. maewing

    A fantastic and pleasant departure from the “failed-yuppy-turned-farmer” variety of many of the greedy, local and even officially organic farms of the East coast. By great contrast, this man and his farm are a generous, warm and genuine and it was a pleasure to pick blueberries there as well as to meet him. I am stunned by other “local” farms that are so greedy that they use pesticides just to avoid losing one berry–which they overcharge you for picking. These “farms” use every venue and PR opportunity to get people to “buy local”–as if that holds any benefit for the customer, especially when you can buy it for the same price at Whole Foods. At Frog Eye there is an abundance of crops (far more than the bugs can eat) that are fertilized in the way God intended–through a natural cycle–and seeing that should put a stop to the mouths of those “farmers” that claim pesticides are so necessary. Visiting Frog Eye is also a wonderful outing with the kids within a peaceful and beautiful environment, without pretense and without someone yelling at you for eating berries while you pick. I wish Frog Eye and its proprietor many, many years of health and happiness!

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