Seafood- Where to Buy in Frederick County?

I’m hoping some readers can help Fred out.  We usually buy our seafood from the Common Market and we’ve always been happy with what we have got there.  But like a man with the TV remote I’m always wondering if there is something better on some other channel.

So where do you get your seafood in Frederick County?  It has to somewhere where the person can clearly explain where it comes from, whether its wild or farmed, and of course it has to be fresh.  Is there somewhere better than the Common Market, or just somewhere with a different variety that you like? Let me know.


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5 responses to “Seafood- Where to Buy in Frederick County?

  1. Tina

    My husband loves Cameron’s Seafood on Buckeystown Pike, just around the corner from the Common Market. Their stuff is definitely very fresh.

  2. Chris McCubbin

    Over in New market is a pretty good place, Lighthouse Seafood. They are the storefront of a seafood distributor. I’ve never asked them to source their stuff but it has always been really fresh.

  3. James

    I second the Lighthouse Seafood suggestion. Also a great place to pick up steamed crabs.

  4. JJP

    Third vote for Lighthouse Seafood. Great seafood (meats, salads, and cheese as well). Their coleslaw is often (but not always) great.

    We’ve been to Cameron’s, Giant Eagle (which isn’t bad), and Giant. Nothing compares to Lighthouse.

    Cameron’s was adamant their salmon was wild caught – until we pointed out that a deep orange color typically indicates dyed farm raised salmon. Then they changed their tune and confirmed that it was indeed farm raised. No thanks.

  5. vicki

    If you can hold out until spring, Wegmans has exquisite seafood. Can’t wait? A trip to the Leesburg Wegmans is in order.

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