South Mountain Creamery

As I was coming down the stairs this morning in a barely conscious fog I saw someone standing in the pre-dawn light on the front porch.  Get the 12 gauge?  No luckily I was sensate enough to realize it was just our regularly weekly delivery from South Mountain Creamery.  In the warmer months they deliver the milk early to protect it from the heat.  Which prompted me to write this entry.  For a while I’ve been meaning to write about them, but just never gotten around to it.  I love these guys (and gals).  We have been getting their products for eight or nine years and have always been pleased.  Their dairy is right up the road in Middletown.  Though its products are not organic, the dairy uses “traditional farming methods” and doesn’t use growth hormones or use pesticides on its fields.   Additionally they have an open invitation on their website for anyone to stop by and see the milking -any time.  How’s that for engendering confidence in their business!  Their products are fresh and the convenience of having milk delivered to your door really can’t be beat.  We seem to go through about 2 and a half bottles per week so they have no problem alternating a three bottles delivery one week with a two bottle delivery the next.  Price wise, while they can’t compete with the $1.89/gallon stuff at the super WalMart, but they are very competitive with the price of non-BGH milk found in stores.  Local agriculture, good people, good product.  I can’t recommend them enough.

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