Caballo Viejo

Just saw that Caballo Viejo is closing.  Did a review of it back in 2008.  Sorry to see that it is going. I wonder if our tastebuds have been too ruined by tex-mex to appreciate authentic Latin cuisine?


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7 responses to “Caballo Viejo

  1. Shelly

    We really like that place. I’ll be sad to see it close. 😦

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    i have eaten there many times and i agree. la paz has ruined (almost) everyone in frederick. i had a chance to look around the joint before its closing, very,very clean kitchen all fresh product its just a shame you cant keep people away from the likes of chipotle. i will always support the little guy

    james strine
    micks new american bistro

  4. C

    I’m surprised they lasted as long as they did. Place wasn’t really very good at all.

  5. They didn’t have many items on the menu but I liked their simplicity and food tasted good. I will miss it.

  6. Claudine

    Our family is from PA and we loved Caballo Viejo. Every time we have anyone we know or we fly into D.C., we always go to Caballo Viejo. We love the food and everyone we know that has tried it, loves it! It was authentic latin food….and it was amazing! We just got off the plane on Saturday, Oct. 16th and skipped all sorts of restaurants with hopes of eating at Caballo Viejo. We got there only to find out that a cheese steak and sub shop is in its location. We thought maybe they moved but, when we found out that they went out of business, we were extremely bummed. Both my kids were very upset. It was our favorite restaurant. It is so hard to find really good latin food on the east coast and it was so good. We really will miss it!

    • fredfood

      I think the standard American palate has come to equate Tex-Mex cuisine with Latin food and people are surprised (often unpleasantly) when they come across something authentic.

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