Washington Post Reviews Black Hog

And it wasn’t good.  Tom Sietsema didn’t like it very much calling the food “mixed.”  In fact he says the best thing is the service: “At Black Hog, a new barbecue joint in Frederick, the service is warm but the food is not.” I can’t confirm this as despite the name (of a heritage breed of pigs) the meat served there doesn’t meet my criteria.  In fact I’ve always been a little pissed off at the place.  If you look at their home page it seems to suggest that they serve heritage pork: “compared to other breeds, the flavors of the Black Hog’s meat is exceptional.”  You have to really parse the text to learn that they just named the restaurant after the breed to “represent the fine quality of food and service that we offer…”  One has to assume that they serve modern industrially produced meat then.  Am I being too prickly?  I don’t know.  As always feel free to comment, good, bad or indifferent.

Full review is here, but you need to register to view it.

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