Flying Dog Horn Dog Barley Wine

This beer* has me perplexed and I’m not sure how to rate it.  I liked it,  but I found the taste so distinctive and big that it really clashed with the food I was eating.  It had a very complex set of flavors: bread and yeast,  with fig and banana sweetness and a lot of floral notes. I think that with its big distinctive flavors it is really  more of a beverage meant to be sipped on its own.  I can’t imagine what food this would go well with.  It’s also very noticably alcoholic (10%!).  I think I’m going to have try this again.  You can age this in the cellar (it is aged for three months before bottling) so I think I’m going to buy a few and try it.  Overall rating:  perplexed.

* Even though this is called a barley wine it is technically a  barley wine style ale since it is made from grains not fruits.  Read all about it here.

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3 responses to “Flying Dog Horn Dog Barley Wine

  1. JoeW

    In general, Barley Wines need to warm up to really enjoy them. They are also best sipped slowly after dinner IMO.

  2. fredfood

    Thanks for the comment JoeW. Do you recommend room temperature? I was going to buy a few more and stick them in the wine cellar. That way they’ll be at 55 degrees. They’d be nice to sip by the fire after dinner.

  3. JoeW

    I’d say try to time it so the beer is close to room temperature when you are nearing the end of the glass. 55 is probably a good starting point. I’ll usually pull one out of the refridge for 20-30 minutes before I open and pour.

    Barley Wines are great to sip by the fire.

    Definitely stash a few and try them later. I just had a 2008 Heavy Seas barley wine that had mellowed quite a bit.

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