Prosecco for Free

For those who have followed me waxing poetic about the joys of Prosecco over the years here is an opportunity to try a great producer for free.  I saw that Frederick Wine House is pouring Riondo Prosecco Saturday, December 12th from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. as part of their complimentary tasting.  This is one of the Proseccos we consistently go to as it is delicious and represents a great value.



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3 responses to “Prosecco for Free

  1. Tina

    I had high expectations for this Prosecco, but was a little disappointed. Overall, it is just too “weak” for me, I guess I prefer more “fruity”. My favorite bubbly is now “Gloria Ferrer Sonoma Brut”. Good stuff!

    • fredfood

      I can understand that. Big and bold aren’t adjectives that are often used with Prosecco and rightly so. Maybe your palate might like a more of a domestic sparkling wine or a cremant d’alsace?

  2. There is a producer of prosesso wines in the King Valley of Victoria, Australia called DalZotto Wines.

    If you have the opportunity, please try the two on offer:

    2008 L’Immigrante Prosecco Sparkling $36.00
    NV Pucino Prosecco $18.50

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