Coal Fire Pizza- A Non Review

I really love pizza and I have talked about my fondness for the stuff here before.  My strong preference is for thin crust New York style pizza.  In fact it’s fair to say I loathe the Chicago deep dish style.  So a couple of weeks ago while perusing HowChow’s excellent blog (which I have raved about before) I came across his review of Coal Fire Pizza in Ellicott City which he rates as one of the best pizza joints in Howard County.  Excitedly I put the address in my GPS as I knew I was going to be flying back into BWI from a trip just around dinner time in a week or so.  Alas the pizza gods did not smile on me and  things got delayed with the end result of no Coal Fire pizza.

However I did notice yesterday that the Washington Post did a quick review of the place and liked it.  They noted the wonderful thin crisp crust and that they make all their Mozerella in-house daily!  Of special interest to me the was that the article concluded with the note that “a second location is scheduled to open in Gaithersburg in February or March, says Sharoky, and the partners are considering branches in Frederick, Baltimore County and Northern Virginia.”  I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

UPDATE:  Check out Ian’s comment below.


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2 responses to “Coal Fire Pizza- A Non Review

  1. Ian

    If you zoom in, you’ll see their logo on one of the end retails spots.

  2. fredfood

    Nice find Ian! In the same strip where the Frederick Wine House is relocating. I may never have to leave.

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