Farmer’s Market Book

As promised in my earlier post there is one book that I find invaluable in helping me turn farmer’s market finds into delicious food on the table.  That is Vegetables from Amaranth to Zucchini: The Essential Reference by Elizabeth Schneider.   This is a huge book (800+ pages!) that covers every vegetable you are likely to encounter in the United States.  Do you know the difference between true (French) shallots and most of what you find in US grocery stores?  I didn’t until I read that entry.  Alphabetically organized it covers more than 350 vegetables.  Each vegetable has its own section which goes over the history, the varieties and what to look for in selecting perfect vegetables.  Beautiful color pictures illustrate throughout.  Following each entry it gives a bunch of recipes using the vegetable and then finishes each section with chef’s perspectives on using the vegetable.   With this book if you see something, you can buy it and take it home and be confident that you will have recipes and a strong starting point to maximize your find.


You can find it here on Amazon.  Not cheap but very worthwhile.


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4 responses to “Farmer’s Market Book

  1. I happen to order some books this morning from I wish I saw your posting earlier – the book looks really awesome!

    Thank you for posting about West Frederick Farmer’s Market and mentioning the GrownInFrederick blog. Shannon has been great keeping the posts up.

  2. Off-topic, but you have a won an award!

    Wendi at the Bon Appetit Hon blog has tried to start a cheeky little wave of blogs passing on kudos to each other. Wendi created her own blog awards — the It’s A Major Award!, which she promptly awarded to HowChow.

    Wendi’s inspiration is that her seven blogs were supposed to award blogs of their own. And so on. And so on. Think of a chain letter of compliments without the threats of bad luck. It’s just fun, and I thought of you.

    Check out these pages:

    Hope you’ll be amused enough to award a few blogs that you like.

  3. Plus, this is a spectacular book. I absolutely love it, and it is the kind of book that I carry to the grocery store. You can pick any vegetable, and this book has something to do with it.

    Also check out Vegetables Every Day by Jack Bishop.

    • fredfood

      It’s funny the synchronicity that goes on in blogs. I saw your post on Vegetables Everyday after I drafted my vegetable book post. I wasn’t aware of Bishop’s book. I received Vegetables for my birthday in 2002 and have used it heavily. I did a quick search and the Frederick County Public Library system has that book and a year in a vegetarian kitchen: easy seasonal suppers for family and friends. I put both of them on reserve and look forward to reading them. Thanks for the comments.

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