Flying Dog Old Scratch Amber Lager

Continuing in my series of Flying Dog Brewery beer tastings.  First of all let me state that lager is generally my least favorite beer style.  Probably because so many lagers are really pale and insipid wastes of caloric intake.  I really tend to be much more of an ale guy.  So with that in mind and trying to push aside my prejudice I uncapped some Old Scratch Amber Lager.  Like the name implies it has a nice amber color (duh!).  In fact it’s remarkably similar in color to the Classic Pale Ale.  Thats where the similaritites end.  It had a hint of malty sweetness on the nose.  A little heavier than the typical lager it had a good malty flavor with a touch of toasted, bready sweetness on the finish.  Very mild hops and almost no bitterness.   I have to say I really liked this one.  Much better than 99% of the lagers out there. A very fun  beer.


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