Current Top Chef Odds

You’ve got to love having Top Chef in Vegas.  Where else are you going to have the bookmakers giving weekly odds on the contestants?  They are updated following the week nine restaurant wars episode and Bryan is still in fourth.  No surprise Kevin still holds the top spot.   I wish I had access to the betting.  It has occurred to me that in light of my promise I could hedge things at 5-1 odds for about $50.  Hmm …

Full odds and story  here.

EDIT:  Nice catch Shannon and thanks!  The actual new post-restaurant wars odds are here.  Now it looks like it will now cost me $55.56 to hedge.   If only I could.  Stupid federal anti-gambling laws.


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3 responses to “Current Top Chef Odds

  1. I think you are looking at the odds prior to last week’s episode. I imagine they might have changed.

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