Jefferson Pastry Shoppe- a Hidden Gem

Family traditions are funny.  Mrs. F brings  her family’s Halloween tradition of eating donuts and cider after pumpkin carving.  The kids love it, but I have to admit  the combination of cider and donuts always struck me as a little wierd.  However if she can accept Guy Fawkes Day I can certainly abide by this.  Besides what’s not to love about an excuse to eat donuts? This year we got our donuts from The Jefferson Pastry Shoppe.  Hands down at the top of the list as the best donuts I have ever had.  We sampled six different varieties and they were all spectacular.  Sometimes donuts can be super sweet and leave me feeling slightly nauseated.  Not these: they were the right balance of airy pastry and sweet sugary delight.   High notes were the peanut butter cream filled, the Bavarian cream and the glazed cake donuts, but honestly there wasn’t a clunker in the half-dozen.

Of course we couldn’t stop at a half dozen donuts- truly we couldn’t because we didn’t have any cash and they have a $10 minimum for charges!  So we also sampled the turtle pastries, chocolate croissant, and the apple-caramel crumb cake.  All extremely good.  Only minor quibble was that one corner of the crumb cake was overdone on the bottom which gave it a slightly bitter taste.  They also have a large selection of cakes, pies, bread and other dessert items.  This place is worth seeking out and we shall definitely return!

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