Bryan Voltaggio on Top Chef Season 6

Credit where credit is due.  Frederick Maryland Online scooped me on this one.  Bryan Voltaggio owner of Volt retaurant, and a favorite of this site, will be a contestant on season 6 of Top Chef.  Premieres end of August and I can’t wait.  I wonder if he is filming now?



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3 responses to “Bryan Voltaggio on Top Chef Season 6

  1. I was wondering the same thing – did they film already or not? One thing for sure is that chef Bryan is around because he will be at the West Frederick Farmer’s Market for Chef’s Challenge this Saturday. He will create dishes with ingredients that he will pick up at the market.
    So glad to see our local chef whose emphasis is on local food is going to be on Top Chef. I’ve watched only one episode till now, but this time I plan to follow every episode, and hopefully chef Bryan will make it all the way to the top!

  2. fredfood

    Filming is done, except for the final episode. Let’s hope he’s in it!

  3. He spent 6 weeks filming, but they won’t know the results till the final episode, as someone already mentioned 😀

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