The candy kind I mean.  You may remember that I had complained back before Christmas about the Candy Kitchen.  They seemed in disarray and tired.  However,  last week I was out stretching my legs and stopped by.  Looking around I saw a lot of new candy and noticed that they had reworked their truffles.  There were lots of new flavors .  Immediately one caught my eye that I knew I had to have:  Dark chocolate with sea salt.  Now I have to confess:  I prefer milk chocolate.  (Please stifle the gasps) and I like it unsalted, but I knew I had to take these home to Mrs. F.  They combined two of her favorite food things.  I was not wrong.  She gobbled them down and professed them the most wonderful thing to come out of the Candy Kitchen ever.

I was going to insert a wonderful close up picture of the truffles, but they didn’t last long enough to be photographed.  Go get some.


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