Budget Cuts and the Fourth Estate

I don’t think anyone is envious of those poor souls labouring in the newspaper business right now.  However one of my favorite abuse pinatas:  the Frederick News Post is really plumbing the depths.  Yes in their current “In Good Taste” column [Cue announcers voice: “In Good Taste reports on an unannounced dining experience and is not meant to be a critical review” they review  ,excuse me, report on…cue drum roll… the Waffle House.   Good God those budget cuts must really be hurting.

Should you have questions about the fare at Waffle House you can see the review unannounced dining experience here.  Some highlights include “the portions were generous” and “the prices were modest.”  Coming next week:  The FNP reviews McDonald’s Value Menu.


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4 responses to “Budget Cuts and the Fourth Estate

  1. haha!! Got a good chuckle out of your posting. THough I don’t comment often, I appreciate your taking the time to update your blog!

  2. StorageLady

    Yeah, looks like we were both called out in the latest column. I believe that I’m the “particularly adamant” writer that Teresa refers to in her column. Oh well. I guess there are worse things to be than adamant!

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