Odds and Ends &The Candy Kitchen

With all that’s going on blogging is always a little light this time of year.  Busy planning the menus!

Just noticed that the Frederick Wine House is having the Willm Cremant d’Alsace available for tasting tomorrow (12/24) from 4pm -7 pm along with some other wines.  Its free!  If you happen to taste it let me know what you think.

When eating and drinking I usually feel that quality is preferred over quantity.  That’s why in the Fred household we usually give the kids a nice piece of chocolate in their stockings from the Candy Kitchen.  Mrs. F usually gets an all dark chocolate box of truffles from there as well.  Last week I stopped by to get the goods and the place was in utter disarray and had little or no stock.  Now I know that this is their busy season, and it is always chaotic when you go this time of year, but it seemed worse then usual:  no chocolate Santas at all and little or no truffles.  This was first thing in the morning as well, so it wasn’t like they were hit hard before I got there.  Anyone else experience this?  Anyone know what’s going on?  It made me sad, but I had to get the stuff elsewhere.  First time in 13 years no Candy Kitchen in Mrs F’s stocking.

Careful opening that bubbly.  A recent study found that Champagne corks come out at over 24 mph!



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3 responses to “Odds and Ends &The Candy Kitchen

  1. I had the same experience earlier in the week. Looked like the place had been looted. Have you sampled the truffles Frederick Cellars has in the back?

  2. My daughter went to La Dolce Vita yesterday to buy coffee for her boyfriend’s father. They had only one bag left of what she wanted and told her that they haven’t been able to get any shipments from their suppliers because of all the bad weather. Maybe The Candy Kitchen is having the same problem?

  3. fredfood

    I had forgotten about the truffles there. Maybe I’ll find time to slip over. Hope Mrs. F doesn’t read the blog today.

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