Best Wine Store in Frederick County?

The other day I had about thirty minutes to kill in Urbana, so I went into the Urbana Liquors  to check it out.   I had never been there before, and to be blunt it didn’t impress me.  Sometimes when you walk into a store you can immediately tell if the people running it have a passion for what they sell or that it is just a business.  I’m not quite sure I can articulate the factors, more of a gut feeling, but like the Supreme Court and obscenity- I know it when I see it.  Besides the prices for wine there seemed very high, even for Frederick County.

Thinking about this experience led me to acknowledge I am in a wine store rut.   Loyal readers will know that I mostly go to the Ye Old Spirit Shop on Seventh Street and more and more The Frederick Wine House.  I also like Westridge Liquors in the Westridge Shopping Center on Route 40.  They have a very good selection.  Now I have by no means been to every wine retailer in Frederick County so I know there have to be some good ones out there that I do not know about.  Does anybody have any suggestions?  Please leave comments below.


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5 responses to “Best Wine Store in Frederick County?

  1. Try Hilltop Liquors at the corner of 144 and Mussetter rd. just west of New Market. It’s half convenience store, half beer and wine. Good selection and good prices.

  2. Oh, and I agree 100% about Urbana Liquors. It’s very disorganized and hard to get around. And the prices are a bit higher than other stores. Maybe because it’s the only one around now that Franklin Liquors (just south of Urbana) burned down a couple years ago.

  3. fredfood

    Lizfrog- thanks for the suggestion. I’ll give Hilltop a try next time I’m out that way. I just knew that there were some stores worth seeking out that I wasn’t aware of.

  4. Old Farm Liquors (in the Old Farm shopping center, across the street from Bloom) is the closest I’ve seen to rivaling Ye Old.

  5. The best CHEAP wine selection is at Frisco’s, over off of English Muffin Way–Wedgewood, I believe is the road. All of their wines are recommended by customers and under 13 bucks. You get them 10% if you buy a case (and you can mix your case)–also every Friday is 10% off or some similar special. I’ve been getting this Crane Lake Merlot that I find totally drinkable, as in I drink too much too easily, for about 4 dollars. It’s not fancy and it doesn’t even really like food, but for a wine I can have two glasses of and then toss guiltlessly down the drain? perfect.
    I know, I’m speaking heresy here.

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