Happy Anniversary- Part III: A Look Ahead

This is the last post in my anniversary extravaganza.  I wanted to let you know of some things I have planned for the blog.  New Year’s resolutions if you will.

1.  I want to increase the number of wine reviews.  As you may tell wine is my passion and I want to continue to highlight good values that are locally available.

2.  Winery reviews.  We are lucky here in Frederick to have a lot of local wineries.  I’d like to review some more and share with you the results.

3.  Restaurant reviews.  My goal is to do a minimum of one full restaurant review a month.  There are a lots of restaurants in the Frederick area that fly under the radar and you don’t hear much about.  Just like wine I want to see if I can uncover some more hidden gems.

4.  Lastly I want to launch a series of posts over the coming months that I think I’m going to call Drink Through Blogging.  This is inspired by my post on cook through blogging.  One of the questions posed in that post was what cookbook would you do? In thinking about it I decided that instead of doing recipes from a cookbook what I’d really love is to do is base it on a wine book.  Now if I could wave my magic wand I’d probably do Clive Coates’ Wines of Bourdeaux but that isn’t going to happen.  (2005 Chateau Le Pin is going for around $4000 right now!) so I have another book picked out.  If you have read this blog for a while you might be able to guess what it is.  I promise you that it should be fun and maybe even educational.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

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